League Rules Summary

Two Leagues (Gold and Silver) 
  Game Location a Albert Haller Fields. No slide tackling. Co-ed. Usually play on regular seasons in the weekday evenings as early as a 5:00 to 5:30 start time.
Gold League
Standard 11 vs 11. For players who want a highly competitive league. Two linesmen (assistant referee's) in addition to the center referee. $45 per season. Two 40 minutes halves. Co-ed, but no female minimum or maximum.
Silver League
Co-ed. Either 6v6, 7v7 or 8v8. Two female minimum on field. 30 to 35 minute halves. A less competitive, co-ed recreational league. Suggested for player that are older (40 or better), or newer to the game or perhaps looking for more recreational style game. Center referee only. 
  • See full rules below.

Sequim Adult Soccer League Rules

"Enrich the quality of life in our community through adult soccer programs conducted in a safe, fair, and fun environment."
A. The League exists solely to positively contribute to our local community.
B. All League officers volunteer their valuable time.
C. All games shall be conducted in accordance with the FIFA Laws of the Game that are in force at the beginning of any playing season.
D. League Director has final authority to make decisions pertaining to all soccer league rules, regulations and schedules.
Registration Fees and Refunds:

The registration fee for each player participant shall be fixed seasonally by the League Board. There are no refunds unless the season is cancelled or we are unable to place you on a team.


Founded in the Fall of 2012.

First season was Spring 2013.

A. To be eligible, players must have personally signed the official team roster, signed up with the league insurance (and paid the fee) or a liability waiver prior to playing in any league games. Failure to comply subjects a team to possible forfeiture in which ineligible player(s) participated. Roster checks will be done randomly throughout the year. We will allow for added players due to injury etc, but they must register.
B. Minimum age for participation is 16. No more than 20% of the players can be 16-18 years old per insurance requirements. First come first served, refund will be issued if you signed up too late.
Only amateur players are permitted to participate. Professional or semi-professional soccer players are ineligible for play. We ask that only 1 or 2 current college players should be on one particular team.
The Equipment:
1. The adult league will not provide game balls. Each team is expected to provide a ball suitable for play.
2. Although the league does not require shin guards, players are strongly encouraged to wear them during games.
3. Metal cleats are not allowed on the field at any time.
Basic Rules:
1. No slide tackling, Only obvious offside will be called. Gold games with assistant referee will follow regulations offside. Substitutions on any dead ball with official's approval, all other FIFA rules apply. One center referee supplied for each Silver Division game. Assistant referees for the Gold Division. Teams should have an alternate jersey in case of a color conflict.
2. Our referees will make every attempt to have an emphasis on safety. At the recreational level, contact fouls are to be called more liberally. At anytime the referee believes the contact is unsportsmanlike or the player uses excessive or reckless force toward or near an opposing player, a foul should always be called. Games are recreational in nature and should be good, fun competition. Red and yellow card fouls will be observed, recorded, and sanctioned as below.
3. Spectators must remain at least 3 feet from the touchline, and are expected at all times to act positively around players and to demonstrate respect for opponents, officials, other volunteers and other spectators. Under no circumstances should they attempt to coach or address remarks derogatory to players, coaches or the referee.
Game length depends on league level (see above). All silver division teams must have 2 women on the field. If a team only has 1 woman they must play 1 man down, if they do not have any women, the game will be a forfeit.
In the event smaller fields are unavailable and a game is played on a larger field, the team coordinators may agree to play with more players on the field. If they cannot agree, games will be 8 v 8.
SUBSTITUTIONS: Unlimited substitutions are allowed at any stop in play with the exception of free kicks and corner kicks with the permission of the referee.
Exception: injured players may substitute out at any time and problem players can be substituted by their coach at any time.
OFFSIDE: Because we will not have linesmen in the silver league, offside will not be strongly enforced. Teams should self-monitor obvious "cherry picking". It is at the discretion of the referee to also determine if a player is in an obvious offside position.
FREE KICKS: All free kicks shall be indirect free kicks.
PENALTY KICKS: No penalty kicks. Fouls normally resulting in a penalty kick will be taken from the edge of the penalty area by an indirect free kick with defense at least 3 meters away.
The GOALKEEPER: No charging the goalkeeper.· If a goalkeeper has control of the ball, he or she should not be challenged.· If a goalkeeper bobbles the ball, the attacking player may play the ball, but must avoid contact with the goalkeeper.· Once a goalkeeper calls for a ball, attacking players must make every attempt to avoid contact with the goalkeeper.· Referees are advised to stop play immediately if goalkeeper safety is threatened.· The goalkeeper may NOT slide tackle attacking players.
Sportsmanship / Player Behavior:
The adult program is intended to be a RECREATIONAL activity suitable for attendance by the whole family. The following actions will result in suspension or expulsion from league play:
1. Resorting to behavior that threatens or assaults any player, coach, or staff member. (i.e. verbally threatening another player, coach, referee, or staff member, taunting other players, etc.)
2. Obscene and abusive language has no place on or off the field, regardless of whether or not it is directed at someone else. Referees normally issue a warning. If ignored, the player or spectator faces ejection from the game and from areas surrounding the field.
3. Hard shots from close in can hurt a goalie and are discouraged. If a player misses a hard shot, he/she must go retrieve the ball.
Start Times and League Format:
1. Seasons will be 8 to 9 games.
2. The league may be broken into divisions depending on the number of teams.
3. Forfeit time is five minutes after scheduled game time (which remains the official start time). The Referee's watch is the official time.
4. In the event of a forfeit, teams may play a practice game lasting no longer than 30 minutes from the originally scheduled start time, whichever comes first. All players must follow eligibility guidelines to compete in a practice game.
Referee Calls on the field: If a player has a problem with a call (or lack of a call), they may not argue with or berate the referee, but should instead tell their coach/captain at the earliest opportunity. If appropriate, the coach will talk to the referee and/or the opposing team's coach and try to resolve the problem.
Ejections / Suspensions:
To enforce player behavior that is consistent with the established purpose of recreational soccer, the following action may be taken:
1. The official or the league supervisor may eject any player, spectator or manager in violation of any of the above rules. Upon ejection, the player's team captain will then be responsible for removing them from the park within 2 minutes. Those remaining in the vicinity of the complex (including the parking lot) after being ejected for the game may cause his/her team to forfeit the game.
2. A panel will have the right to add further discipline if the offence is deemed to be worthy. In flagrant cases of unsportsmanlike conduct that are reviewed by a panel, an entire team can be held responsible for the actions of an individual on the team. A player or team expelled from the league will not receive a refund.
Yellow Card: Any player cautioned (yellow card) will be immediately replaced by a substitute.
Red Card: Red card for violent conduct, fighting or trying to physically attack another player = lifetime ban.
A. Referees and supervisors are given full authority to take prudent actions necessary to maintain proper and safe playing conditions.
B. The Ref's scorekeeping is final unless a discrepancy is brought to the attention of the Referee at or very near the time of occurrence. Otherwise, if a mistake is made it will not necessarily change the score and it is not normally subject to protest. Captains should double-check with Referee regarding team score as the game progresses.
C. In the event a Referee is not present by game time, teams are asked to start a practice game. The game will be rescheduled. The Supervisor will attempt to locate a Referee for remaining game(s).
No protest of games shall be permitted. However, coaches are encouraged to email a report within 48 hours after a game of any misapplication by a game referee of the Laws of the Game or rules and regulations. This procedure shall not be used as a means of complaining about or criticizing any judgment call of a referee or assistant referee. If, after investigation by the League, it is found that a law, rule, or regulation was misapplied, such referee shall be so informed in order to ensure that no further misapplication occurs.

League Board Members

Co-League Director: Carl Weber

Co-League Director: Javier Gomez

Director of Competition: Jay Marazon

Treasurer / Registrar: Open

Webmaster, Indoor coordinator, founding member: Carl Weber

Field Coordinator: Open

Referee Coordinator: Daniel Janikic